Great Value For Money With Vivo Y33s


Vivo just recently launched a new phone in India named the Vivo Y33s that’s its new entry into the affordable Y-series of mobiles currently under the Rs 20,000 bracket. The all new Vivo Y33s comes with an improved camera lens with OLP colour laser sensor, which is used in the digital camera to determine the time and date. The phone also comes with a 1.2 Mega pixels LCD screen and is equipped with Android operating system that works well with the Gingerbread and the Windows versions of the handset. Other features on the Vivo Y 33s include built-in Wifi, Fingerprint scanner, HID support, dual SIM cards, etc. vivo y33s

This new smartphone has the capacity to connect to multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, MMS, WiMax etc. With a big screen, high resolution, and a number of features of this handset is ideal for a corporate lifestyle. This latest addition to the Vivo smartphone line also offers an impressively large collection of widgets and features, which not only enhances the efficiency of the device but also gives it an edge over other mobiles in the market. Vivo has also taken the option of using augmented reality technology with the usage of the Glove applications, which enables the users to use their fingers to zoom through different images on the virtual screen.

One of the best selling features of this handset is its ability to use Google Earth to locate places, restaurants and tourist attractions. Apart from this, the Vivo Y33s smartphone also offers users the facility to upload their own photo slide shows and share them on the internet via social networking sites. This can be done with the help of the QR code scanner present in the handset. This unique feature makes it easy for the consumers to add photos and videos on the slideshows and share them with their friends. The connectivity options offered by the smartphone are also commendable; users get fast internet access, 4G connectivity, USB connectivity, HSDPA, CDMA and GSM support.

The Vivo Y 33s also has an inbuilt memory card which stores plenty of data. The phone comes with two sim cards and users have the liberty to switch between them according to their preferences. The phone comes with a built-in speaker which can be easily connected to any kind of headphones or ear phones. In this case, the Vivo Y 33s comes as one of the best value propositions in the current mobile market.

The handset comes with a bundled cellular phone kit with honourable prices. The entire kit is not packed in the box, instead users are required to pay a one-time deposit of SADA rate (Salman Arabia Currency) before they could start using the handset. Other connectivity options include wifi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, etc. The handset comes with colour options which include mirror black, silver and gold. The handset is also endowed with six colour memory cards which support different connectivity modes.

The camera of the Vivo Y 33s is one of the best amongst its competitors in the current market. It comes with two sensors, namely, a rear and front camera, which comes with hi-end laser camcorders. The rear camera comes with auto focus, image stabilization and manual focus. The front camera comes with digital zoom and auto-focus as well. It has an eight-megapixel resolution, so capturing clear and crisp images is not a problem at all.

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